Pablo Picasso II George Grosz II Saul Steinberg II H. C. Westermann
Chris Ware II Anna Sommer II Geneviève Castrée II Marc Bell II Renée French
Elvis Studio (Reumann + Robel) II Adam Dant II Scott Teplin
Martin Ramirez II Christina Ramberg II Robin Tewes II Tom Gauld
Ruth Marten II Daniel Zeller II Alice Attie II Karen Yasinsky II James Castle
András Böröcz II Karl Wirsum II Olive Ayhens II Sempé II Madge Gill
Rebecca Bird II Matt Leines II Anton van Dalen II Jacob El Hanani
Tony Fitzpatrick II Aline Kominsky Crumb II Ernesto Caivano II Chris Hipkiss
Alexander Gorlizki II Simon Lewty II Karen Yasinksky

DECEMBER 15 - JANUARY 26, 2008



Adam Baumgold Gallery presents “On Line” - a drawing exhibition from December 15 through January 26, 2008. “On Line” features the works of 40 artists whose drawing styles and line are at once so distinctive an authoritative that their work is unmistakably recognizable as their own. The artists included in the exhibition are: Pablo Picasso, George Grosz, Saul Steinberg, H.C. Westermann, Chris Ware, Anna Sommer, Genevieve Castree, Marc Bell, Elvis Studio (Reumann + Robel), Adam Dant, Scott Teplin, Martin Ramirez, Christina Ramberg, Robin Tewes, Renee French, Ruth Marten, Daniel Zeller, Alice Attie, James Castle, Tom Gauld, Andras Borocz, Karl Wirsum, Olive Ayhens, Sempe, Madge Gill, Rebecca Bird, Matt Leines, Anton van Dalen, Jacob El Hanani, Tony Fitzpatrick, Aline Kominsky Crumb, Ernesto Calvano, Chris Hipkiss, Karen Yasinsky, Alexander Gorlizski and Simon Lewty.

Included in the exhibition is Pablo Picasso’s ink drawing “Deux Vielles Femme Contemplant L’Amour,” 1970, that is typical of the artists’ unmistakable, sinuous, fine line. It depicts an almost comic, grotesque scene showing two haggard, old women ravaged by age, seated alongside a perfectly well formed little baby. In Saul Steinberg’s “Declaration of Independence,” 1959, the artist’s virtuoso line and calligraphic style mimics the words and letters of the famous document, while in reality these are nonsensical scribbles.

Also included in the exhibition Included will be Geneva based Elvis Studio’s (Helge Reumann + Xavier Robel) epic drawing “Elvis Road,” 2001, a one foot by thirty foot scroll drawing of a dense, hypnotic, fantastical metropolis. The Zurich artist, Anna Sommer, creates distinctive drawing collages of cut colored paper depicting sexy bedroom scenarios such as “Taboo,” 2007. Also included in the exhibition is Marc Bell’s “Skinny Fighter Pilot on a Stink Reconnaissance,” 2007, is an animated, fine line ink an watercolor drawing teeming with quasi people among text rife with free association.

The gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11:00 - 5:30 P.M. The gallery will be closed from December 25 through January 1. For additional information, please contact Adam Baumgold at (212)861-7338

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