Renée French


H Day, (Picturebox Books, 2010) artist/writer 216 pages Hardcover
Edison Steelhead’s Lost Portfolio: Exploratory Studies of Girls and
Rabbits (Sparkplug Comicbooks, 2007) Artist/Writer, 88 pages,
Micrographica (Top Shelf , 2007) Artist/Writer, 225 pages, softcover
Toile De Fond (L’Association, Paris, 2007) 112 pages, softcover
(French Language Edition)
The Ticking (Top Shelf, 2006) Artist/Writer, 110 pages, hardcover
My Best Sweet Potato (Simon & Schuster, 2006) Artist/Writer (pen name
-Rainy Dohaney) 40 pages, hardcover
Tinka (Simon & Schuster , 2003) Artist/Writer (pen name - Rainy
Dohaney) 40 pages, hardcover
The Soap Lady (Top Shelf, USA, 2001) Artist/Writer, 120 pages, hardcover
Marbles In My Underpants - The Renee French Collection (Oni Press,
USA, 2001) Artist/Writer, collection of over 200 pages of previously
published material
Corny's Fetish (Dark Horse Comics, USA, 1998) Artist/Writer, 60 pages.
The Ninth Gland (Dark Horse Comics, USA, 1997) Artist/Writer, 48 pages.
Grit Bath #3 (Fantagraphics Books, USA1994) Artist/Writer, 26 pages.
Grit Bath #2 (Fantagraphics Books, USA1994) Artist/Writer, 24 pages.
Grit Bath #1 (Fantagraphics Books, USA, 1993) Artist/Writer, 24 pages.
The Adventures of Rheumy Peepers & Chunky Highlights (Oni Press, USA,
1999) Artist, 28 pages, written by Penn Jillette


MOME #16-ongoing serialized story , ALMOST SOUND, (Fantagraphics books, 2009 – present)
An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, and True Stories: Volume 2 (hardcover, 2008)
Top Shelf Seasonal Sampler, (softcover, 2008) Artist/Writer (Top Shelf Productions)
BEASTS! (Fantagraphics Books, hardcover, 2006 ) Artist
The Paris Review #171 Artist/Writer, “excerpt from The Ticking” (softcover, 2004)
Raw, Boiled and Cooked, Artist/Writer, (Last Gasp Books, 2004)
Kramers Ergot #4, Artist/Writer, “worm” (Avodah, USA, 2003)
The Ganzfeld #3, Artist/Writer, “Extracted Objects: Dr. Jackson’s Cabinet” (Picturebox, 2003)
The Ganzfeld #2 Artist/Writer, "Portraits." (Picturebox, 2002)
Rosetta - Artist/Writer, "Detailed Portrait" (Alternative, 2002)
Echolot, Artist/Writer, (Germany, 2001)
EXPO 2001 Artist/Writer, "Mr. Hinchman."
Legal Action Comics (Danny Hellman, USA, December 2000) Artist/Writer, "Steelhead"
Tokion (JAPAN, USA, August 2000) Artist/Writer, "Some Cornelia Stories"
Zero Zero Final Issue (Fantagraphics, USA, July 2000) Artist/Writer, "Nadine"
The Stranger (The Stranger, Seattle, USA, June 2000) Artist, written by Stacey Levine, "Bean"
Cut My Hair, Artist (softcover, 2007) written by Jamie Rich
XX (Jochen Enterprises, GERMANY, July 2000) Artist/Writer, "Steelhead"
Comix 2000 (L'Association, FRANCE, 1999) Artist/Writer, "ZZZ"
The Big Book of Bad (Paradox Press, USA, 1998) Artist, "Nasal Sex" written by Jonathan Vankin
Free Speeches (Oni Press, USA, 1998) Artist, "Pig"
Zero Zero #23 (Fantagraphics Books, USA, 1998) Artist/Writer, "Cornelia In The Pen"
Dark Horse Presents Annual 1997 (Dark Horse Comics, USA, 1997) Artist,
"The Adventures of Rheumy Peepers & Chunky Highlights -Sneak," written by Penn Jillette
Last Gasp #5 (Last Gasp, USA, 1997) Artist/Writer, "After Cornelia's Bath"
Zero Zero #17 (Fantagraphics Books, USA, 1997) Artist/Writer, "Duck" written by Gahan Wilson
The Big Book of Freaks (Paradox Press, USA, 1996) Artist, "The Most Embarrassing Freak I Ever Saw,"
Dark Horse Presents #107 - #112 (Dark Horse Comics, USA, 1996) Artist/Writer, "The Ninth Gland"
Last Gasp#4 (Last Gasp, USA, 1996) Artist/Writer, "Pretzels the Cat"
The Big Book of Death (Paradox Press, USA, 1995) Artist, "You Are What You Eat," written by Bronwyn Carlton
Dark Horse Presents #100 (Dark Horse Comics, USA, 1995) Artist/Writer, "The Ninth Gland Sneak"


The Rock Show, (Sydney, 2010) 2 person show of drawings at Meyer Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Silent Pictures, (NYC, 2009) 9 ft square drawing installation for invitational show at CUNY’s James Gallery
Giant Robot Bienalle, (Los Angeles, 2009) invitational show at the Japanese American National Museum
A Murder of Crows, (Los Angeles, 2009) invitational show of groups of animals at Meltdown Gallery
About Face, (NYC, 2009) invitational show of portraits at the Adam Baumgold Gallery
Toy Comix,(Paris,2008) invitational show at the Musee des Arts
Decoratifs in the western wing of the The Louvre
Magik Show, The Pony Club Gallery, (Portland, 2008) invitational exhibition of drawings and paintings
Printed Matter, Giant Robot Gallery, (San Francisco, 2008) invitational show of prints
On Line, (NYC, 2008) invitational show of drawings on paper at the Adam Baumgold Gallery
Panelists IV, Giant Robot Gallery, (San Francisco, 2008) invitational exhibition of drawings and prints
Draw Me A Story: A Century of Children’s Book Illustration, Cartoon Art Museum (San Francisco, 2008)
Post It Show, gr2 Gallery, (Los Angeles, 2008) invitational exhibition of small drawings on post it notes
Panelists III, Giant Robot Gallery, (San Franciso, 2007) invitational exhibition of drawings and prints
Drawn To The Edge, Adam Baumgold Gallery (NYC, 2007) invitational show of drawings on paper
…and Other Stories, Link Gallery, (Scotland, 2006) invitational exhibition
Telling Tales: Contemporary Women Cartoonists, Adam Baumgold Gallery, (NYC, 2006) invitational show
Survival Of The Fittest, Harmony Gallery, (Los Angeles, 2006) invitational exhibition of drawings & paintings
Fine Line, Adam Baumgold Gallery, (NYC, 2006), invitational show of drawings
Words In Pictures, (NYC, 2005) invitational show of drawings on paper at the Adam Baumgold Gallery
Raw, Cooked and Boiled, (San Francisco, 2004) invitational show at the Yerba Buena Center in San Franciso
The Ganzfeld Unbound, Adam Baumgold Gallery, (NYC, 2003) show of work from the bound collection, The Ganzfeld
ECHOLOT, exhibition of artists appearing in the book (Germany, 2001) Echolot
Bubbles, Boxes N, Beyond, invitational show at the Swiss Institute, NYC, 2000 (14 artists from Switzerland & USA)
Comix 2000 Exhibition, (Angouleme, France, 2000 exhibition of works from the 2000 page international collection

Solo Exhibitions

Spotlight on Renee French, Cartoon Art Museum, (San Francisco, 2008) solo show of drawings
Billiken Gallery, (Tokyo, Japan, 2004), solo exhibition of drawings on paper
Trancepop Gallery, (Kyoto, Japan, 2004) solo exhibition of drawings on paper
Meltdown, (Lost Angeles, 2004) Meltdown Gallery, solo show of works on paper